Sabal Minor (Knoxville)


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Sabal Minor (Knoxville)? This clone of Sabal minor was brought to me by a good friend Todd Blitzer who has been growing hardy palms in Kentucky for years. He said he acquired this palm while in Knoxville TN from a nursery called Beaver Creek Nursery. He was able to get the last palm they had to offer when he had visited.? It seems this clone has been grown in the area for sometime and has show to be very hard.

My friend Todd later told me that he had Sabal minor (Knoxville) in the same garden as other palms like Sabal minor Mccurtain, Sabal minor Louisiana.? After almost 25 years of growing them out he said by far the Sabal minor (Knoxville) was the hardiest in his garden. The others varieties would suffer severe damage or defoliating while Sabal minor (Knoxville) had no damage. He told me he had a nice plant out during our record breaking winter vortex years ago that killed many native and hardy plants. It was reported at -40 wind chill and that it showed little to no leaf burn. I believe the record low was -22F that year. I am not sure the damage which I am sure it had to get from that cold but Todd said now protection in 25 years that is unheard of for any Sabals I have grown

I have been waiting for years to get seeds from this clone and last season he came by with a large bag of seeds for me to try and sell. So I am looking forward to growing these out and testing them myself in my garden.? He said they have done great in dry and shaded areas of his garden and right next to his large pond with wet roots. So a really tough durable plant.? This maybe one if not the hardiest Sabal minor forms available, hardy zone 6a?

Limited stock seedlings grown in 4 inch pots.