Colocasia COREDE Redemption PPAF


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We have a very limited stock of Colocasia COREDE Redemption PPAF!

Colocasia COREDE Redemption PPAF is one of the most dramatic hybrids out of my breeding program. I first selected this hybrid in 2016 out of? thousands of plants. Colocasia COREDE Redemption PPAF has some of the best genetics out of all the other hybrids I had made over the years with similar crosses. Many would only produce a slight pink vein or just a pink line down the center of each leaf. Colocasia COREDE Redemption PPAF produces a large bright neon pink center with pink veins running to the edge of each leaf. The foliage is jet black, shinny and has corrugated texture. Colocasia COREDE Redemption? PPAF can grow to 4 to 6 feet tall when mature with dark black glossy foliage. Colocasia COREDE Redemption PPAF has a clumping habit and has shown to be hardy in zone 7 and possibly colder if well protected with mulch in winter.

Plant sold in 4 inch pot. Between 8 inches to 12 inches or more tall. Young plants will start showing the pink veins once they are a few feet tall most of these have not yet shown the pink coloring yet but will soon. Thanks.