Brian’s Botanicals specializes in rare and unusual plants. Our main collection is aroids such as Colocasias and Philodendrons. Over the years we have expanded our collection to include hardy tropicals, rare and unusual plants and terrarium plants. Though our concentration is in the Araceae family our interest continues to grow all over the plant kingdom. We are plant people who have turned our love for plants into a business.

We are collectors and breeders of tropical plants. We seek out rare plants continuously to add to our collection and offer to our customers. Through the years we have made connections all over the world in order to bring new plants to the market. Our plants have come from botanist, breeders, foreign seed companies, botanical gardens and of course our friends. Some source are still around but many are now gone. This is why we find it so important to preserve these unusual cultivar and species.

Our breeding program started in an effort to decrease the number of plants that we had to bring in each year during winter. We bred plants that would be hardy in our zone 6 winters. Our breeding has expanded from a cold hardy focus to include ornamental varieties. As our breeding continues, we plan on introducing new plants yearly that have never been seen before.

As plant people who have scoured the earth through travel, books and the internet for plants, we want to be a resource for plant people. We want to provide information on how to grow unusual plants, photos, and most importantly the plants themselves. We enjoy helping other plant people in their quest for rare plants or information. We try to get back with everyone in a timely manor but the plants do detain us during the growing season.

In short, we hope to continue to expand our collections and offerings each year!