Colocasia Pharaohs Mask?? Red ‘FLOCOLEGY’


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Presenting a NEW regal introduction by breeder Brian Williams of Brian’s Botanicals Colocasia Pharaohs Mask?? Red ‘FLOCOLEGY’! Every king needs his queen and Pharaohs Mask (Colocasia, variety COPHAMA) PP33772 is no exception! This breath taking Kelly green colocasia rivals Pharaohs Mask (Colocasia, variety COPHAMA) PP33772 in every way. Bred from the same stock and put through the same trails, these two plants were destine to stand tall side by side. The embossed crimson veins run down each leaf, emerging white and deepening to red in the sunlight. The more sun the deeper red the veins will become. The draping style of the leaves welcome the winds on a scorching summer day.

Plants sold in 4 inch pots.



Additional information


4 to 5 feet tall


7 and up


Regular watering to wet feet

Pot size

4 inch round


Brian Williams of Brian's Botanicals

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