Yucca Pendula (recurvifolia)


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Yucca pendula (recuvifolia) is one of the hardiest trunk forming Yuccas we have grown. Able to handle down to -20F in some of our coldest winters ever. Plants grow with wide dark green leaves spear shaped with a point at the tip. Once plants reach several years old they begin to forms trunks usually 3 to 4 feet tall.? Once they flower they often branch and form two? to three heads. The Yucca flowers emerge form the center of the plant and grow out another 4 feet or more bearing white flowers that smell sweet usually at night. A great plant for a desert theme or if you want a tropical look that can handle a lot of neglect.

Plants sold in 4 to 4 1/2 inch pots starters.


Additional information

Pot Size:

4 – 4.5" pot

USDA Hardiness Zone:

5b-10 zone


3-6 feet


4-6 feet

Sun Exposure:

Full Sun

Water Requirements:

Quick well drained soil.