Wanvisa Waterlily


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One of the best and most unusual waterlilies I have seen in sometime. I like to personally collect rare and unusual waterlilies and though I do not carry a lot of varieties I try to carry the more rare and unusual hybrids.

Wanvisa is a hybrid made by Dr. Nopchai Chansilpa and it looks to be a variegated chimera. The foliage is a dark green and maroon blotched leaf. Which is rare for most hardy waterlilies. The flowers are also interesting as well, they are bright pink with specks of yellow and sometimes plants will produce half yellow and half pink flowers. A very interesting and showy waterlily that preforms very well. Wanvisa is hardy to zone 3 or 4 and does best in full to part sun.

Plants are sold as bare-rooted wrapped in paper and in a plastic bag.