Philodendron Marble Pink princess (Pink constellation) (pink galaxy)


Philodendron Marble Pink Princess. So what is this plant? Well I sell Philodendron Pink princess which are from cuttings starting from plants from Mr Merkle who was one of the first people I had seen offer the plant. The variegation on Philo Pink Princess is erratic and blotchy sometimes losing the variegation as the plant grows out of it from new growth points. Recently with all the craze for this plant some new mutations and forms have emerged. This form being one of the newer variegated forms with a more consistent variegation that tends to be more stable and a bit more uniformed.? The foliage is dark but has more a light splatter of variegation throughout the foliage with some larger blotches of pink. This looks to be a more stable variegated form than the standard Philo Pink Princess in all aspects.

Plants sold in 2 to 4 inch pots.