Philodendron billietiae


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Philodendron billietiae is a beautiful species of aroid and was found by a few friends of mine years ago on a trip to French Guiana. Julius Boos, Lynn Hannan and a few others went down to explore the jungle with the help of Joep moonen. They were in a small boat and found a large specimen of Philodendron billietiae climbing a tree with bright orange petioles and long narrow leaves. I first heard it’s description from Julius that it looked similar to a (Philo Santa loepoldina) Philo spiritus sancti with orange stems. The first plant was shown at the aroid show in Miami and everyone had to get one. It won best in show that year. I finally got one a few years later. Most of the photos are of the first plant shown at the aroid show and a few of the first cuttings given to gardens and friends.

Plants sold in 2 to 4 inch pots.