Monstera Species? adansonii clone? , epipremnoides


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Well I have tried to get an ID on this plant for many years. At first it was thought to be a odd clone of Monstera adansonii which it still maybe. They can be very variable. It also resembled Monstera epipremnoides as it matured but not sure if that is correct either. I put up as many photos as I could of the plant in many different stages of growth. It normally produces smaller foliage when crawling or juvenile but as it climbs and matures it can produce a lot of different type foliage. All the images are of the same plant just at different stages of growth or different environments.? In deep shade it produced large foliage with very larger holes in more sun less holes. The plants offered is similar to size as the last set of images.? Well rooted it was a top cutting but this species tends to revert back to juvenile foliage every time I cut it. Easy to grow. I hope to get a proper name to it soon. Anyone know for sure let me know. Thanks

Plants are in 4 inch pots.