Equisetum hyemale


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Equisetum hyemale is a prehistoric plant and is regularly getting attention in our garden. The bamboo like foliage is dark green with black bands ever 4 to 5 inches. It is not a bamboo relative but more closely related to ferns. The tubular stems will form what looks like a odd cone, structure that produces spores in mid to late summer. Once mature, plants can reach 4 to 6 feet tall. I must worn people it can be invasive in wet areas and should be given a spot were it can spread. It is often grown in ponds as an aquatic or bog plant but should be kept in pots or containers to stay contained. Plants can be evergreen if wind protected. Plants can handle from zone 4 to 9.

I have also found the plant to be great for cleaning pots and pans as used in the old days. This plant contains silica which makes it idea for cleaning tarnished metals.

Plants are sold bare-rooted or 4 1/2 inch pots


Additional information

Pot Size:

4 – 4.5" pot

USDA Hardiness Zone:

4-10 zone


4-6 feet


2-4 fet spreading runners

Sun Exposure:

Full Sun to shade

Water Requirements:

Can handle dry to wet conditions.