Dyckia Grape Jelly


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I have always been drawn to dark or black colored plants. They seem so odd and contrast so well from other plants that I often seek them out. Specially if they are really unusual. Dyckia plants are in the Bromeliad family and are found natively in Brazil and South America. Unlike other tropical Bromeliads Dyckia’s are more adapted to dry desert and arid lands. They tend to grow in rocky soil with lots of heat and sunlight. This cultivar Dyckia Grape Jelly is a cultivar selected for being very dark almost black like foliage that is very stiff and has small thorns along the edges. These small thorns are usually white or lighter in color. In shadier situations the plant will have a more maroon to gray color. In full sun areas they will produce very dark foliage. Growing to 1 foot tall and wide. Dyckia makes for a great container plant and I like to grow and treat mine similar to how I grow my Agave. Easy to care for and a showy plant.