Colocasia Madeira Star PPAF

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Colocasia Madeira Star PPAF is a NEW sensational hybrid by breeder Brian Williams of Brian’s Botanicals. This colocasia is a chameleon in the sunlight. In full sun, Colocasia Madeira Star PPAF displays charcoal leaves with an explosion of magenta at the crest. Colocasia Madeira Star PPAF will surprise and delight with some leaves randomly opening to reveal a pastel palette of colors! In part shade, leaves emerge an emerald green showing off it’s alligator texture. The raspberry heart of the leaf takes center stage. Colocasia Madeira Star PPAF sends onlookers a scroll shaped invitation in the form of a false flower. When these scrolls appear observers can be positive that a flower will soon appear.

Plant sold in 4 inch pots.

Additional information


2 to 3 feet


Regular watering to wet feet


7 and up

Pot size

4 inch round


Brian Williams of Brian's Botanicals

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