Colocasia Cleopatra’s Kiss®️ ‘FLOCOCLEO’


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Colocasia Cleopatra’s Kiss®️ ‘FLOCOCLEO’ is a stunning NEW introduction by Brian Williams of Brian’s Botanicals. This luscious colocasia has a staggering shade of neon pink radiating from it’s center. The more sun this elephant ear gets the brighter pink the center will be. In part shade this plant will soften it’s center color to a cool baby pink. The vibrant green leaves are off set by its crimson red petioles.

Cleopatra’s Kiss®️ ‘FLOCOCLEO’ grows 4 to5 fee tall with a 3 to 4 foot spread. This clumping colocasia would a make an amazing center piece in your garden.

Plants sold in 4 inch pots.

Additional information


4 to 5 feet tall


6b to 12


Full sun to part shade


Regular watering to wet feet

Pot Size

4 inch round


Brian Williams of Brian's Botanicals

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