Anthurium veitchii


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To me, Anthurium veitchii is one of the most amazing foliage plants in the world. The rippled leaves get 4 to 6 feet long and 6 to 8 inches wide. It can grow in a lose soil mix or as a epiphyte. The flowers are have a white spadix but is mostly grown for the foliage. This plant is referred to as the King Anthuriums and it is easy to tell why.

The plant does not like full sun but part shade and should do well as an? indoor plant or grown in a greenhouse.

Plants sold in 2? to 3 inch pots.

Additional information

Pot Size:

Usually grown in 3 to 4 inch pots.

USDA Hardiness Zone:

9-10 zone


3-4 feet


3-4 feet

Sun Exposure:

Shade to part shade

Water Requirements:

Regular watering


Species native to South America