Alocasia tigrina


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Alocasia tigrina is one of the most cool and unusual type of Alocasia species you can grow. This species has long narrow leaves like sharp narrow arrowheads and green and brown stripped petioles that make this species look particularly interesting. Normally this plant will ready 3 to 4 feet for most growers. Years ago I was at the Aroid show in Florida when a grower brought in a Alocasia tigrina that was over 8 feet tall. It was an amazing specimen but I have rarely seen them that large.

I am a sucker for odd stems (petioles) specially with strips and contrast. Other closely related plants to tigrina with this habit are Alo. zebrina, Alo zebrina reticulata, Alo. Sarian. These species have the most interesting stems out of the whole group in my opinion.


Plants sold in 3 to 4 inch pots.