Check out our NEW hybrid Colocasia Redemption PPAF! Colocasia Redemption ppaf is one of the most amazing hybrids I have been able to produce. Using Colocasia black ripple and hybrids of Col. nancyana and after 12 years of crossbreeding Colocasias I was able to produce a truly amazing looking hybrid that far exceeded my expectations. Colocasia Redemption PPAF can grow to 4 to 6 feet tall with dark black glossy foliage. The center of the leaf will start to produce a pink center line as the plant matures this pink veins will fill in the center and run down the veins of each leaf producing a breath taking effect never seen in Colocasia’s. Colocasia Redemption PPAF has a clumping habit and has shown to be hardy in zone 7 and possibly colder if well protected with mulch in winter.

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