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There’s just something about nature that soothes and provides a sense of peace like nothing else. It can help calm your body and mind, leaving you feeling fresh and revived. So why not bring the soothing beauty of nature into our home design? We’ve reached out to the experts from Vancouver to Miami to provide you with some creative ways to bring the outdoors into your home design.

Design from the outside in

In designing a garden or landscape, I can’t understate the importance of designing from the outside in, so that you bring a balance of light, colors, and textures from the landscape into your home. It is important to feel as if you are really experiencing the sensations of the landscape as you enter your home, rather than just passing through without connection. You can then extend the reach of the garden presence within the home by utilizing specific houseplant selections in certain areas of the home. – Bainbridge Botanicals

The best way to incorporate the outdoors into your home design is to include lots of neutral tones, wooden accents, and houseplants. I love swapping plastic and paper products for reusable products with natural materials such as bamboo, wood, organic cotton, and coconut fiber. My favorite natural home decor is bamboo dish brushes, coconut fiber dish sponges, and bamboo soap holders. These minor additions leave your home feeling fresh and sustainable without any of the waste! – Green City Living

Finding textures and colors from nature that bring you peace and clarity is a lovely way to bring the spirit of the outdoors into your living spaces. We love to keep shells, crystals, stones, and garlands of beloved natural objects in our workspaces. Nature offers an endless palette of moods and vibes to draw inspiration from. Whether it be ethereal and delicate or warm and inviting, or anything in between. – Liath Botanicals

Don’t skimp on the plants

Indoor plants help bring a sense of nature and calm to the home as well as improving air quality. One of the best plant groups for interiorscapes is Aroids(Araceae) which include Philodendrons, Monsteras, and Syngoniums because they are beautiful climbers. To add one to your home, find a decorative pot suitable for the plant and add 1 to 2 inches of lava rocks. The lava rocks allow for the potted plant to sit in a tray of water without the soil going stagnate or sour.  Next, find an interesting piece of driftwood to allow these plants to grow up and show off like they do in nature. The final step is to plant your aroid in an airy fluffy potting mix that drains well but holds some moisture. When you are finished you will have a stunning botanical art piece to display in your home for years to come. – Brian’s Botanicals

Bring on the Bonsai

Bonsai is historically an art form that seeks to bring wild environments into the domestic space, blurring the indoor/outdoor divide. As art, bonsai requires an awareness of the natural environment: temperature, weather, water, and the organic. This awareness enlightens us to our role in the greater ecosystem. The practice of bonsai is a gesture of blending interior and exterior. It is the cultivation of organic material into a confined space, evoking the sense of a larger ecosystem in miniature. – Bonsai Mirai

Don’t underestimate the power of scent

Scent is a powerful way to remind you of a treasured vacation, a hike in the woods, or your grandmother’s beautiful flower garden. Using a luxurious scented soap is one way to relive those outdoor memories. Or light a delicately scented candle to transport you back to your favorite spot without leaving home. Use the power of scent to add an extra layer of outdoor beauty to your interiors. – Enchanted Botanicals

When bringing nature into your home, an oft-forgotten element is olfactory. Scents are closely linked to memory and emotion, so fill your space with the aromas of nature using synthetic-free, essential oil-based candles, incense, or soaps. Without synthetic fragrances, you can genuinely breathe in nature, even in the sanctuary of your home. – Sea Witch Botanicals

Scent invites ambient nostalgia into your space and recalls beloved memories. Seasonal notes are especially powerful! Take inspiration from your favorite Summer vacations or your backyard garden. Choosing all-natural fragrances created with essential oils & botanical extracts will produce the most authentic aroma and transport you to a world of your design. – Akima Botanicals

Keep it fresh

I like to incorporate nature into my home & studio by bringing in fresh cut flowers every week and arranging them in vases made of natural materials, like wood or clay. I use a lot of dried herbs and other raw ingredients in my business, Meraki Botanicals, so I display them in glass jars around my kitchen and workspace to bring in pops of color and texture. You can make your own dried herbs and flowers by hanging fresh-cut ones upside down until they have dried up, then put them into a jar and display them. An all-purpose decoration from fresh to dried! – Meraki Botanicals

Diffuse your favorite essential oils

Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to bring the wonder of plants into your home. Diffusing essential oils isn’t only about the good scent, they can uplift the mood, support restful sleep and even disinfect the air. Essential oils are considered the “soul” of the plant and can transform your indoor space. – Holistica Botanicals

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