Brian and I decided that we need some time away from our nursery, so I started planning a day trip. After scouring Pinterest for options, I found The Lost River Cave and Valley. This is one of those attractions that I had seen years ago but it got forgotten due to life’s daily demands. With it being only one and a half hours away and a one-hour time change, it was the perfect little get away. We loaded up the care with snacks and away we went on our mini adventure.

I have to say that the park far exceeded my expectations. The entrance and gift ship were gorgeous! They really set the tone for the beautiful trails and well-maintained cave to come.

After buying our tickets for the tour we went off exploring! The first thing we came to was “The Blue Hole”, not the best name for such a breathtaking place. This hole was created by the cave ceiling collapsing and making a sinkhole. There were many legends and debates about the depth of the hole. Some union soldiers that were camped in the valley dove to the bottom never to return. Guinness Book of World Records came out and declared it to be the deepest river! The truth was finally discovered, but that is another story fit only for your tour guide to tell.

The river that comes from the blue hole runs 140 feet to the mouth of the cave. This cave was transformed into a swinging nigh club in the 20’s. I can imagine women in flapper dresses enjoying their cocktails in the cool mouth of the cave as big band music echoed off the walls. The stories about the caves history makes the imagination run wild and long for a way to be transported back in time.

The cave tour itself is conducted in a boat! Growing up in Kentucky, I have been on many cave tours but never by boat. It was a tight squeeze to get into the cave. Everyone on board had to duck down to get under the caves ceiling but don’t worry this only lasts about a minute. The tour guide weaves stories of the cave while point out formations with her spot light. The best part of the tour is where they dammed up the river, about a football fields length into the tour. The water tumbles over the dam and gives a roar when it rejoined the river below. The cavern was a spectacular sight.

After the tour was over we were set free to explore the trails and butterfly garden on our own. The stunning natural treasures make this an amazing day trip full of awe and wonder.