Honey and I went to the best restaurant while we were in Jaco Beach Costa Rica. The Taco Bar was such a fun place to eat with a laid back atmosphere and the symphony of the ocean waves as music. The setting was ethereal and the food was divine. Sitting back in the warmth of the night with the pink hued sunset as our back drop was a surreal moment usually reserved for the cinema.

How cute are theses swings for seats!

Here is the run down. You go to the window and order the type of meat and the number of tacos you want. I got tow shrimp tacos while Honey got one shrimp and one Maui. There is a “bar” with a multitude of options to duress up or dress down your taco. The numerous pasta salads and salsas was a foodies dream! I am unashamed to say that I tried a little bit of everything! But the pièce de résistance was the brownie. Pure heaven! This chocolate confection topped with sun ripened strawberries was the best thing I ate in all of Costa Rica. I still dream about returning to Jaco Beach and the Taco Bar!


My tacos and “bar” selections! The plate was cleaned a little faster than I would like to admit!


The view from the other side of the swings with the “bar” in the middle.


How cute are these water bottles!


The brownie dreams are made of.