Colocasia Maximus Gigantes is one of a few new hybrids recently released in the Gigantes Series. This series is focused on a new type of Colocasia, they are an inter-genetic hybrid crossed with Leucocasia gigantea (Colocasia Gigantea Thailand Giant). These hybrids tend to be larger and more robust than regular Colocasia they also tend to show some new exciting traits not seen in other Colocasia hybrids. Colocasia Maximus gigantes produces leaves over 4 feet long and over 2 feet wide. Plants grow very large quickly. The below plant was grow in Louisville, KY in regular rich soil and in part sun. Plant was in 4 1/2 inch pot on May 10th and grew to this size by late August.

Colocasia Maximus PPAF

The leaves of Colocasia Maximus PPAF are elongated and larger than an average Colocasia hybrid. The great coloration of the leaves makes this plant worthy of being the centerpiece of the landscape. Each leaf is a dark green and in full sun becomes a slate blue green color. The veins of the leaves are a lighter green with the sections in between being a dark gray to black. The center of each leaf has a slight purple color right in the center of the leaf. As shown below, new leaves are almost completely slate blue gray in color with bright green veins. As the leaves harden off the color changes. I have also found differences in the foliage depending on the amount of sun the plants are growing in. Full sun plants are slightly lighter in color while plants with partial sun tend to have darker markings.

Colocasia Maximus PPAF  New Leaves

 The flowers and stems of Colocasia Maximus are unique. The stems are very sturdy and tend to be thicker in size than most species of Colocasia. The flowers are larger than normal and do not fully open. Each flower grows to around 8 inches tall with a white spaths. These flowers usually emerge in clusters of 4 to 6.

 At the base of the plant small tuberous growths emerge and form new plants. The tuberous growths are very unique and unlike any tubers or stolons found on other Colocasia varieties. The plant does not run nor spread like some of the more weedy varieties of Colocasia but stays in a nice clump producing a few pups at the base.

Colocasia Maximus PPAF Stolons 

 Growing Colocasia Maximus is very easy. I would suggest the following guide lines in order to grow your plants to largest and healthiest size. The soil should first be rich organic soil with a PH of 6 to 6.5. Plants preform best in full to part sun areas. I would also suggest low wind areas if possible for leaves to get large and not receive damage. One of the most important differences with the Gigantea Series is the roots tend to share more in common with Leucocasia gigantea (Colocasia Gigantea Thailand Giant) than with common Colocasia. This means the they prefer well drained soil. I would avoid soggy situations at all cost. This can and will cause root rot.  I feed my plants a liquid fertilizer of 20-20-20.

Colocasia Maximus PPAF  Sarah behind the leaf

  Overall, Colocasia Maximus PPAF is great new addition to the Gigantes Series. The plants in this series should change the tropical landscape displays in many regions and give people a new wide variety of plants to choose from. The Gigantes Series are a high impact plants that are planted in either mass clusters or as a centerpiece.

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