Colocasia “Black Ripple” PP26,151 is one of most exciting hybrids to come out of our breeding program. The plants are vigorous and tight growing, which makes it very useful in every part of the garden from mass plantings to single plants in containers.

The leaves of Colocasia “Black Ripple” PP26,151are very dark and contrast well with light colored plants. The foliage has an amazing puckered/corrugated effect which gives it a 3D pattern not seen on any other hybrid. To top it off the beauty of this plants, leaves have a gorgeous sheen which reflects the light. The light that is reflected in the leaves causes Colocasia “Black Ripple” PP26,151 to look dramatically different throughout the day. Visitors to our trail fields have commented that Colocasia “Black Ripple” PP26,151 looks like it is out of this world, like it belongs on another planet. Dark red to black petioles contrast greatly with the robust dark maroon undersides of the leaves as they emerge and move in the breeze.

As a plant collector, I find myself wanting to plant Colocasia Black Ripples ppaf all over the display gardens. It is one of the few plants that makes even the people who are uninterested in the gardening to stop and exclaim, “What it that plant? Can I grow it?” I highly recommend this plant to anyone wanting to add some excitement or flare to their gardens.