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Colocasia Pink China

Colocasia Pink China

Colocasia Pink China has shown to be extremely hardy and can over winter easily in zone 6 and possibly zone 5 or higher if mulched. This plant is possibly the toughest tropical we have ever seen. Colocasia Pink China is for anyone in cold climates trying to grow tropical plants. It is just as tough if not tougher than Musa Basjoo and looks amazing growing right next to it. This plant has green leaves with a pink dot in the center. The stems are a light baby pink.

The Plants offered are Tubers dug from the ground or bare rooted plants.


Foliage: Green with a pink dot in the center

Flower: Hooded flowers

Height: 5 to 7 feet

Situation: Full sun to part shade

Zone: 6 or hardier

Species/Hybridizer: Species

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