Terrarium plants | Monstera Dubia (Mature Size)


Monstera Dubia (Mature Size)

Monstera Dubia (Mature Size)

Monstera dubia is beautiful and odd aroid native to Costa Rica and Panama. When juvenile the plant produces vines that craw along the ground and search for something to climb on. Once the plant finds something to climb it produces 1 to 8 inch leaves that grow flat the surface. The leaves at this stage are dark green with silver streaking. Once the plant reaches around 6 feet tall it will morph and produce more adult like leaves which no long shingle but hang away from the surface the silver marking will fade and the foliage will have hole in them. The leaves can reach 2 feet or more once mature.

Plants for sale are in a 6 inch pot. Mid to mature leaves on this size.

Price: $29.00